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Technical data sheets for the Raxton range of products, including:


Male to Female Hex/Round Adaptors and Reducers - Types AB, AJ, BB, BJ  (432KB PDF)

Exd/Exe Breather Drains - Type CT  (355KB PDF)

Exe Breather Drains - Type CV  (407KB PDF)

Earth Lead Adaptors - Type DG  (336KB PDF)

Earth Plates - Type DK  (315KB PDF)

Insulated Adaptors - Type DB  (343KB PDF)

Male to Male / Female to Female Adaptors and Reducers - Types AR, AU, AX, BR, BU, BX  (396KB PDF)

Right Angled Adaptors - Types FG, FN  (324KB PDF)

Swivel Inline/Angled Adaptors - Types FA, FC, FD, FP, FQ, FR  (426KB PDF)

Stopping Plugs - Types CB, CF, CK, CQ, CY  (476KB PDF)

Stopper Boxes - Type EG  (376KB PDF)

Twin Inlet Adaptors ('T' and 'Y' Adaptors - Type TA, YA  (340KB PDF)

Unions - Type FB & FL (358KB PDF)