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INMETRO certification for Raxton

Raxton InMetro accreditation in Brazil

A double Brazilian breakthrough has been announced by Raxton, who have just achieved INMETRO certification.

Trading in Brazil is now beginning in earnest, enhanced by the appointment of a local distributor.

Download the newsletter
The INMETRO certification newsletter is available to download and is a 508 KB PDF document.
Click here to download.


About Raxton

Raxton Limited have been manufacturers of Electrical Thread Adaptors, Reducers, Stopping Plugs and accessories since 1976.

EExe Type AB Hex adaptorToday Raxton remain committed to products designed to solve the fundamental difficulties which exist due to the variety of thread forms currently in use within the electrical industry.

Problems caused by dissimilar threads can occur in both hazardous and industrial environments.

Certification and approvals
Raxton products are fully approved to meet these requirements, being EExd and EExe certified as ATEX, CSA, IECE and GOST Standards.