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Raxton Exd Insulated Adaptors

Raxton Insulated Adaptors
provide a means to isolate the earth of the supply cable from the load equipment thus reducing the risk of damage to electronic equipment within the enclosure in the event of a short circuit to ground through the enclosure.

EExd Insulated adaptors Type DBInsulated Adaptors also reduce the problems of electrical noise on the armour affecting the clean earth required by some sensitive instruments. Single point grounding can reduce the circulating current that can cause heating of high capacity cables.

Cable gland and cable can still be earthed externally with the use of an earth tag fitted between the cable gland and the Insulated Adaptor.

Raxton Insulated Adaptors are marked with the appropriate approval number and size.

Images shown: type DB

EExd Insulated adaptors Type DBQuality
SIRA (0518) 02 ATEX M207
Bureau Veritas BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Thread specification
Isometric (ISO) to BS3643:1981 and ISO 965 Pts 1 & 3
Imperial (ET) to BS31:1940 (1979)
National Pipe Thread (NPT) to ANSI/ASME:1983
British Standard Pipe (BSP) to BS21:1985
Pg to DIN 40430:1971

EExd Insulated adaptors Type DBMaterials
Brass: BS2874: 1985 CZ121
Mild Steel: BS970 PT3 230M07
Stainless Steel: BS970 PT3 316 S11
Aluminium: BS1474/1 6082 T4 or T6
Aluminium Bronze: BS1400 1985 AB2 or BS2874:1986 CA104
Nylon: 30% Glass filled Nylon 66

Sira 00ATEX1073U
GOST TС С-GB.ГБ06.В00105 

Raxton Insulated Adaptors are available in a variety of finishes including Nickel, Electro Zinc, Zinc Passivated, Chromatised, Electroless Nickel and Anodised.

Thread identification
A Selection Table is available as a PDF document (40KB) and identifies the standard thread variations produced and is designed to assist the user in the selection process. Click here to download.

Part numbering system
The Raxton part numbering system document is available as a 39KB PDF document.
Click here to download.

The item is classified as a component and is therefore not given a temperature rating.
Nylon temperature range max:  -20°C to 130°C; GF Nylon is UL rated @ H.B. @ 1.5mm