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Exd/Exe 'Y' and 'T' Adaptors

'Y' (Type 'AYU') and 'T' (Type 'ATU') Adaptors provide an opportunity for two entries where pre-machine entries are limited and to also change the entry thread to that of a different type or size.

Angles between entries on the 'Y' Adaptor are all 120°; two of the entries on the 'T' Adaptors are 90°, and the third one is 180°.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Images shown: Type 'AYU' Y Adaptor (top) and Type 'ATU' T Adaptor.       Y ADAPTOR                       

SIRA (0518) 02 ATEX M207
Bureau Veritas BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Thread specification
Isometric (ISO) to BS3643:1981 and ISO 965 Pts 1 & 3
National Pipe Thread (NPT) to ANSI/ASME:1983

Brass: BS2874: 1985 CZ121
Mild Steel: BS970 PT3 230M07
Stainless Steel: BS970 PT3 316 S11
Aluminium Bronze: BS1400 1985 AB2 or BS2874:1986 CA104


Sira 10ATEX1056U  |  ITS16ATEX101340U
IECEx SIR 10.0025U  |  IECExITS16.0015U

'Y' and 'T' Adaptors are available in a variety of finishes including nickel, zinc, and chromatised. Others may be available on application.

Thread identification
A Selection Table is available as a PDF document (40KB) and identifies the standard thread variations produced and is designed to assist the user in the selection process. Click here to download.


Temperature range: -50°C to 200°C (Exe applications); -20°C to 60°C (Exd applications)

Product description
T Adaptor product codes Y Adaptor product codes
Metric sizes Brass Brass nickel-plated Stainless steel Brass Brass nickel-plated Stainless steel
M16 male to M16 female entries ATU100303 ATU110303 ATU300303 AYU100303 AYU110303 AYU300303
M20 male to M20 female entries ATU100404 ATU110404 ATU300404 AYU100404 AYU110404 AYU300404
M25 male to M25 female entries ATU100505 ATU110505 ATU300505 AYU100505 AYU110505
M32 male to M32 female entries ATU100606 ATU110606
ATU300606 AYU100606 AYU110606


M40 male to M40 female entriesATU100707ATU110707ATU300707
M50 male to M50 female entriesATU100808ATU110808ATU300808AYU100808AYU110808AYU300808
M63 male to M63 female entriesATU100909ATU110909ATU300909AYU100909AYU110909AYU300909
M75 male to M75 female entriesATU101010
NPT sizes  
1/2" NPT male to 1/2" NPT female entriesATU102929ATU112929ATU302929AYU102929AYU112929
3/4" NPT male to 3/4" NPT female entriesATU103030
1" NPT male to 1" NPT female entriesATU103131ATU113131ATU303131AYU103131AYU113131AYU303131
1 1/4" NPT male to 1 1/4" NPT female entriesATU103232ATU113232ATU303232AYU103232AYU113232
1 1/2" NPT male to 1 1/2" NPT female entriesATU103333ATU113333ATU303333AYU103333AYU113333AYU303333
2" NPT male to 2" NPT female entriesATU103434ATU113434ATU303434AYU103434AYU113434AYU303434
2 1/2" NPT male to 2 1/2" NPT female entriesATU103535ATU113535ATU303535AYU103535AYU113535AYU303535

Sizes, threadforms and combination of male to female threads may be mixed - please contact Customer Services for more details. Other material/plating options also available.